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Google Internet marketing

Some effective ways to keep safe distance from Google Penalty

Undoubtedly, internet is an effective medium to promote your business to the global market. This doesn’t need any introduction that internet has made the entire world into a big market place and everyone is given equal opportunity of promoting their brand and earn the profitability.

While talking about internet marketing, many business owners have come across substantial ups and downs at the time of releasing new updates by the Google. All the algorithmic changes appear with some significant changes and that too are to maintain the transparency of the process. You have created your website and you need to follow all the essential webmaster guidelines with the intention of keeping the highest ranked position of your website. But it is not as simple as that more so, apart from achieving good ranking on the search engine result pages, there is a flip side of this strategy as well. At least, in terms of the website ranking if nothing else. What is that?

Save website from panda and Penguin

If you do not follow the web master guidelines appropriately, of if you follow something prohibited activities, Google may penalize your website. Well, you should better be aware of the consequences if your website faces penalty by the Google. The very first effect would be on t6he ranking of your website and may be for at least six months or so, your website will not even appear on the search engine result pages. All your hard-work and efforts would be spoiled within moments. Rather, it’s better to follow some effective rules that are eligible to prevent your website from receiving penalty from Google.

Before we go discuss the procedure of avoiding the penalty for a website, we should have at least a considerable understanding on what kind of penalty your website may come across.

Primly there are two different types of penalty that Google may penalize you with –

1. The manual Penalty

2. The Algorithm Penalty

Manual penalty: This process generally means that somebody from the Google’s ream has examined your website and has applied a penalty as according to him, your website is breaking the webmaster guidelines. This may be the case that the site has been reported to Google or may be the algorithm has noted many spam on the website. You will be informed about the penalty through your webmaster tools account.

withdraw manual google penalty

In most of the cases, it is hard to recover from the manual penalty case and that’s why it is suggested to start it over again from removing the back links, which you do not have any control on.

Algorithm Penalty: Practically, it is very hard to identify since you will not receive any information on your webmaster tools account about the penalty. An effective way to find out if there is a penalty to the website is to follow if there is any sudden drop in the ranking of the website on the search engine result pages. The drop will not be for few places but substantial enough to grab your attention.

withdraw algorithmic google penalty

Such penalties may also be keyword based. Suppose, you may have good ranking for a particular keyword and on the contrary, you may not have no ranking for other keywords. As a result of which you may lose the significant traffic for your website.

Considering all these impacts, it is effective enough to have preliminary idea about some of the very essential methods of avoiding Google’s penalty.

Effective ways to protect your website from Google’s penalty

  • Natural Link Building:
    As per the Google’s webmaster tools natural links building is considered as one of the best ways to encourage other sites to create relevant links to your website. Thus, relevant and unique contents get quick popularity among the internet community. Google’s simple philosophy is that a website should create links to other website when it adds some value to the users’ searching. Most importantly, the linked site should be of topical relevance.
  • Do not create search engine specific contents:
    Google and other search engines always prefer to write and promote yourself to the human being and the prospects rather than the search engines. It’s of paramount importance to produce informative and relevant contents keeping the readers and prospects in mind, not the search engines. Creating contents only for search engines is a bad idea to promote your website and may get penalize by the Google.
  • Building your brand:
    Google has always positive approach towards the big brands so, you better try creating your own brand identity because; they are more likely to get the penalties removed. It is fortunate enough that you don’t need to invest millions to make a unique and exclusive brand identity on the internet.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost you millions to create an impressive brand identity. You can follow the below mentioned ways to create brand awareness quickly on the internet.

·         Legit looking site: There shouldn’t be any excuse for your website to not look beautiful. You need to design and develop your website so effectively as well as professionally so that it performs well. You can think of going that extra mile with providing physical address and contact details.

·         Effective social media presence: Google follows the size of your social media following to determine the popularity of your brand. Brands that have huge following on the social media are trusted by the search engines. If you want to create an attractive brand identity then you need to create a strong social media marketing platform for your business.

  • Don’t spam the social signals:
    So far, it is clear that social signals are important and is part of Google algorithm so, you should try avoiding fake signals. May be on the next algorithmic changes, sites with phony Tweets, fake Facebook links and hyped-up author rank. So you better be careful about your website.

These are some of the time tested and proven ways of preventing the Google penalties and if you follow through these ways, you can remain certain up to a great extent that you website will not be penalized by the Google, at least not for disobeying the webmaster guidelines appropriately.

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