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How to differentiate “301 redirects” and “canonical attributes”

Are you an online savvy? If yes then you must have come across this issue at the time of browsing a website. 301 redirect! This is quite a common issue with the website browsers but what I’m supposed to explain today is the common mistake made by the users. 301 redirecting is often mistaken with canonical issues. These two appear to be similar but actually those are not. Things need to be explained quite clearly so that one can possess a clear concept about the differences between these two attributes.

301 redirects vs canonical tag

301 redirecting is to inform the search engines that a page has been permanently moved and the page needs to be removed from the index and all the SEO credit that has been acquired by the page, to be transferred to the new page. On the contrary, canonical issue is different. It signals the search engines that a document has multiple versions of the page. Under such circumstance, the URL that is listed in the canonical attribute is the original one. That particular URL should be indexed only and at the same time, the duplicate pages will be there in the website but those shouldn’t be indexed by the search engines. Aside from this commonly made mistake, there are some other common problems regarding the 301 redirecting:

  • When the owner should use the rel canonical tag over the 301?
  • Are there any possibilities that the rel canonical would hurt the site?
  • When should not to use the rel canonical?
  • What to do when no developers are found to implement 301?

Let’s start with the 301 redirects: What it is and when to use

301 is basically a HTTP status code that is commonly used to inform the software and to the search engines that the original page that it is trying to access has been permanently moved to a different and new web page.  Right when the browsers receive this code it automatically shifts to the new URL which is followed by the 301 status code. Here’s when it is to be used;

  • When a URL has been permanently moved due to re-branding or something else.
  • If the web page is replaced or moved
  • If the owner has permanently expired the content or 404 error has taken place and you want to point to another page.

Incorrect use of the 301 redirects should not be entertained at all. This redirect is not intended to be used for pointing all the web pages of as new website.

Canonical attribute: What it is and when to be used:

The basic difference is that canonical attribute is not a “redirect”. This attribute will not redirect the visitors to a different and new URL instead, it works like a signal to inform the search engines about which page needs to be indexed of a website when similar contents appear on a website. Let’s now find out when to apply this;

  • When there are duplicate contents being used in a website and both are needed to be visible simultaneously.
  • When there is a need of content syndication
  • When 301 redirects cannot be implemented
  • There are dynamic pages that generate multiple URLs for a single page

Common difficulties with both 301 redirects and Canonical attribute

There are few common problems with both 301 redirects and Canonical attributes and while discussing the differences between these two, these problems should also be explained. The primary problems with “301 redirect” are that;

  • It might not be possible for you to implement the HTTP status code.
  • Even sometimes, it takes few while for the search engines to attribute the new page with similar search authority of the previous page.
  • The most common difficulty with this “301 redirect” is that it is often incorrectly used by the users.

There are some common issues with “canonical attribute” as well and now we will have a look at those problems.

  • The first issue is that it’s like a suggestion and basically the search engines are not obliged to follow the same. This also refers the occasional display of the old pages by some search engines.
  • The bigger problem with this attribute is that it is most commonly misused.

These are the basic differences between 301 redirects and canonical attributes. It has been seen for past few years that redirection of pages or domains or WWW or HTTPS has become one of the necessaries among the onsite SEO works. Most of the SEO experts do not have enough knowledge on 301 and canonical issues and that is why they always fail to give permanent ranking for their clients website. As an SEO company we have published this blog as a tutorial for the experts. After reading this blog now the things will be easier for you to understand and deal with.

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Internet marketing

Success for your online venture comes through internet marketing company

Presently, the most talked about matter in the field of marketing and promotion is internet marketing. So many researches and experiments have been going on to make further improvisations to this process. In spite of being one of the most hyped issues of the present time, there are many business owners who are still in dark about this marketing process and its effectiveness on the successful promotion of an online business. For the coming few minutes, we are going to discuss about the different aspects of internet marketing in the below passage.

What is internet marketing?

Thanks to the advancement of technology that internet is now considered as the most effective medium of communications. But does it really help marketing?? Well, to have an impeccable answer of this question, we must know what internet marketing is and how it helps promote your brand.

The widespread definition of “Marketing” is promotion or making something recognized by the masses, obviously for the betterment of its growth. Internet marketing refers the same process but through internet of course. The prime reason of acquiring this medium for a successful promotion of a brand is the global communication. It is not unknown now that internet connects the entire world and successful promotion would certainly establish well reputation of a company on this global platform. While outstanding profitability is the core concern for most of the business organizations, there are companies too that concentrate only on the visibility. However, marketing through internet serves both the purposes.

Internet marketing

This certainly is GOOD NEWS for the online business owners but they possess some responsibilities on their part as well. The basic concept is obviously to hire professional companies for the responsibility but how to come to the decision that which is company is proficient enough for the task. There are ways to make the judgment.

How to decide internet marketing company’s proficiency

There are reasons to be surprised after knowing that thousands of companies are there in the entire world that deal with this service. Some provide the service in their native area and others get involved with overseas deal as well. No matter which company you select to go with, it should be well aware of all the recent improvisations in the process. The webmaster guidelines get updated on regular basis and the prime trait of successful internet marketing companies is to follow them appropriately.

Except to this, there are other effective aspects too that one should consider at the time of hiring or even selecting an internet marketing company. Let’s have some preliminary idea about those important aspects.

The first thing that one should consider obviously is that if the company practically does what it commits. There are plenty such companies that misguide the business owners with their false promises and the entire thing turns out to be disaster for the business owners. More so, it is also important to check on the transparency of their service along with their previous records, numbers of satisfied clients and most importantly, their own ranking on the search engine result pages. You can also check for 7 effective traits that help to find the best internet marketing company.

Since internet marketing is a huge responsibility and radical changes are always taking place to this process, prudent companies prefer following exclusive principles of their own. Effective principles obviously help achieving success and most importantly, stick to that. One should consider the fact that effective promotion on the internet comes through the way of successful internet marketing. And a prudent company must provide the service of website design, development, SEO, SMO etc.

Internet marketing services

Search engine optimization is one of the crucial aspects of successful promotion through the internet. Search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing keep a strict eye on the online business to follow if those are pursuing the guidelines appropriately or not. Successful SEO can change the overall appearance and appreciation of a website. Apart from help improvising the ranking of the website, effective optimization also helps bringing lots of traffic to the site. Together they decide the fate of the online business. Hence, one must understand that it is important to follow effective principles for internet marketing company to achieves success.

So, by far, we have discussed enough about the qualities of successful internet marketing company. And hope, this has been made clear enough that why it matters to go with a renowned company. Most importantly, the probability of achieving the success through internet marketing company gets increased manifold when one hires the best company in the respective field. You can explore a few more reasons for hiring the best internet marketing company.

So, if you have an ongoing online business or if you are planning for one, do consider hiring best internet marketing company. This will make achieving success on this global platform lots easier.

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