So, you are ready with your products/service to roll them on the global platform through your ecommerce website. You’ve chosen just the right platform for your needs and you will very likely flourish soon. My good wishes are with you but, you know its business and here you need good knowledge and grip on the subject rather than good wishes.

I don’t think this even need any mention that ranking higher on the SERP than the competitors is a must and the chase has already started. It’s you who need to assure that your business don’t lag behind! It’s search engine optimization (SEO) that can change the result of the game and having good grip about the recent algorithmic changes made by the search engines will help you keep the ball on your side. Most of the time, we hire professional SEO companies to adapt ecommerce SEO strategies believing that those will serve the best for us but that doesn’t mean you  cannot have the elementary information on how you can optimize and change the performance of your ecommerce web pages. You know how online purchasing has become popular in the entire world and ecommerce website is a very good decision to elevate your business to the next level.

Ecommerce websites are now preferred for all shopping needs

Irrespective of the fact that you are starting a new website or want to improve the existing one, the following guidelines will help you by all means to develop the performance of your online business. This keeps the changes of the SEO process in mind and follows the recent webmaster guidelines.

Here are some of the effective ways to optimize your ecommerce web page:

#1. Research your service:

It’s a daunting part I know but, you cannot eliminate or even deny the importance of a good research. Research is a very important thing before you launch your service or products on the market. You need to be aware of the present market demand, how consumers react to your products and how frequently they buy them. These are some of the physical researches and when it comes to optimizing, you need to be involved more into the project.

While you are researching the optimization elements, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the keyword. The consumers will try to reach to you through the keywords and according to MOZ, long tail keywords are preferred by the visitors and even by the search engines too to  reach the desired service.

popular vs longtail keywords ranking studyYou can find in the above illustration that “long tail keywords” are now getting the most attention during the searches. It says, less than 30% searches are performed with small or single-word keywords and when it comes to long tail keywords, the figure moves way up to 70%.

#2. Apply keywords effectively

Now as you know the importance of keywords, you need to spruce up their application. When the search engine bots are indexing your ecommerce web pages, that should find your main and focus keywords on the product description, title tag, Meta tag and all the other important places of your web page. This will not only make the indexing easier, will help the visitors reach easily as well as quickly to your web page.

#3. A detailed product description

You cannot deny the significance of effective and attractive product description especially if you are looking for web page optimization of your ecommerce website. It’s the product description that can make or break the deal.

Most of the time, you get a manufacturer description of the products and simply paste that which is nothing but bring! That doesn’t come up with something really exciting about the products and presumably, doesn’t influence the decision of the visitors. Instead, if you write a description of maybe 200-500 words with some real applications of the products, this will snatch the attention of both search engines and the visitors. An insightful product description is very much required since it is an important part of successful ecommerce SEO strategies.

#4. Quick fix site errors

If you think that you will create a site empty of errors, you will simply be overlooking the common errors of a website that require a quick fix. If you spider the links, images, CSS, scripts of your website from an SEO perspective, it is very obvious that you will come up with data including the errors, redirects, duplicate pages, missing header tags etc. Some of the possible steps that you can follow:

  • Redirect the 404 pages to the actual contents
  • Replacing the 302 redirects with 301 redirects
  • Update the duplicate contents, meta titles and meta descriptions

Finding out these mistakes on your ecommerce website and rectifying those will certainly improve the SEO of the site and this will have an impact on the usability and conversion rate.

#5. Faster browsing is important

Right after you are done with finding out the small errors of your website, it is time to consider the speed of your website. You must offer faster browsing experience to the visitors and you simply cannot put them on hold. This will result into the clients are clicking on the Google again for another website. Even researches have shown that around 40% of the people prefer to abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You simply cannot afford to lose customers because of slower rate of page loading time. Remember, every second counts.

Optimize ecommerce website for better buying experience

#6. On-Page Optimization

Along with paying sincere attention to off-page optimization, on-page optimization is also equally important for your ecommerce website’s optimization. The actions include all those that you take within your web page. Here are the prime targets of a successful on-page optimization which includes:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Usability
  • Mobile optimized websites
  • Customer reviews

Maintaining these aspects are of tremendous importance for successful on-page optimization of your ecommerce web pages.

Hence, follow these simple yet effective fundamentals to improve the ranking of your ecommerce website and not only that, this will improve the conversion rate of your website too. So, you are now up for an improved sales figure through your ecommerce website and if you need assistance during your journey, Brandnetizen would be an effective solution for the same. The company not only developsd ecommerce website, it optimizes them as well.