Social networking sites have got enough mileage and presently, large number of people has bonded themselves with these sites just to assure they are connected with the social world outside. Of course no harm to it, but, we are going to sail to a different direction!

You must have come across that there are pages on the social sites like; Facebook, Twitter in the name of various companies. Initially, this may cheer you up that one of your favorite brands is there on the Facebook or Twitter or at any other social site, for that matter. But it would take no time to get all your courage vanished when you will come to know that, that particular account of a certain brand isn’t actually maintained by the brand itself! In most instances, it is the crazy fans and even unapproved staffs and members who are just eyeing on being capitalistic.

If you think that what’s the harm in it, after all they are making an indirect promotion of the brand then you need to give a second thought to what you think.

The guys are using the LOGO of the brand, using the inappropriate IP address of the same and the most vulnerable part is that, all these things are taking place without even a little consent from the brand. This can certainly have negative impacts on the brand consumers as this may create great confusions for them. I hope you can realize that this must be stopped right away.

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Safeguarding the brand property on the social sites is a great concern for the brands and various individuals as well. So, we are going to discuss why and how you should make sure that your brand’s identity is not being used already by a third party. Emulating brand Logo and using that for any unauthorized promotional method on the social site is prohibited and one should take strong actions to prevent that. We will primly have a discussion on how you can claim back your brand on Twitter.

If you find any inappropriate emulation of your brand’s logo, graphics, text or anything else for that matter, the first things you can do and you must do is to inform the respective social media network.

There are instances where you may find that your brand name is being used both as a Twitter handle and as a Twitter profile name simultaneously by a third party. This reflects that someone is tweeting using the Twitter handle name and the worst part is that, if someone searches for the profile on the Twitter account, he/she will be lead to the fake account of the company. This says, you will clearly mist the tweets, referred to your brand. Great loss!

Being the second largest social media network, many reputed brands are associated with Twitter and they use the accounts on regular basis. Under such context, the social site follows strict guidelines and security issues and finding one, violating the policies demands strict legal policies against them.

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These are the following ways Twitter trademarks the violation criteria

  • When your business logo, name or other stuffs are used to mislead the people, in general, Twitter suspends the account and informs the same to the account holder.
  • If any of your company details are used by a third party on Twitter unintentionally then in that case, Twitter informs the same to the faulty account holder and arbitrate to clear the confusion. Twitter may provide you with different username.

Along with these criteria, it is also important to be aware of the criteria that are not at all considered by the Twitter as a trademark violation.

  • If your trademark is being used completely without any intention of making any inappropriate promotion of your brand and even if that is related to your product and service, that is not a trademark violation. Consider that in case of brand names, Twitter follows a first come-first served policy.
  • Some business trademark may be potential keyword for others to. Say for example: you are using a brand called Pet Care, now someone else may search for the relevant subject with the same name. Twitter considers this as not a violation of brand trademark.

How to file the trademark violation report

The foremost noteworthy fact is that, to file a report on the Twitter, you don’t need to have an account on this social site. If there is a genuine violation that fits in the above criteria, do provide the following information to Twitter:

  • The particular trademark image or word that has been violated including the trademark registration number and office.
  • Send the link to the trademark record or registration office website.
  • The email address of your company
  • Representing the trademark owners asks you to provide authorization document.

Under no circumstance, you should bear with inappropriate use of your trademark or any other company aspects for that matter. Do inform the respective social networking site about the same for required actions.