Reputation Management SEO

Thinking of managing business online? There are issues other than SEO and SMM that you need to be careful about just in order to give a free rein to your business! HOW?

Well, the aforementioned activities play their part in internet marketing, you know that but what I really mean to say is that these are not everything that will fetch the success of even help sticking to that. You need to take a step further and that is through Online Reputation Management.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term quite a few times but however have given a skip to this. It’s one of the most vital components for online business entities irrespective of the fact that how small or big it is. With easier communication through internet, the business owners need to understand that the customer behavior is highly influenced with the online reputation.

This is basically the practice of keeping an eye on the reputation of an individual company or brand on the internet platform and addressing to those contents that are potentially damaging the reputation of the company. While in most cases the catch is to push down the negative feedbacks by the customers, the service may also attempt to bridge the gap between the customers’ perception about the company and the company’s own overview on that. Here are some of the tactics that are followed by the ORM companies:-

online reputation management

  • Improve the tagging and search engine optimization of the positive customer testimonial to push down the negative comments.
  • Creating original social media profiles with the intention of outperforming the negative contents.
  • Submitting online press releases is also very effective and applied by the companies to suppress the negative results.
  • Having the website mentioned on a third-party-site with considerably better ranking.
  • Proactively respond to the customer comments have been caused by the recent changes.
  • Creating duplicate blogs with some different names to push down the negative comments.

How to track the reputation?

Well, that’s not a hard task to do. With more civilized and developed technology, you can easily track your online business’ reputation by simply searching through relevant keywords on the search engines. Keywords that represent your service or products are the best source to track your online reputation. Aside from that, there are plenty other tools available to help tracking your online sentiment.

The evaluation:

Right after you finish with tracking your online reputation, the next thing is evaluation and interpretation of all the data you’ve collected. You need to take into consideration all the comments that are shared on various social networking sites about your online business. Are those comments causing any threat to your business? You need to ask this question to yourself.

Enact action:

When things are clear to you about what is causing harm to your business, you need to engage appropriate action for the same so that, you can negotiate the issues with the consumers and take proper action about the same. Wait…!

If it has crossed your mind to perform the task by your own, it’s not that simple. You must engage professional online reputation management company to be on the top of the game! All the ethical forms of reputation management are performed by those companies so that you can keep it clean on the business front.

There are few effective steps strictly followed by the companies to enhance your online business’ reputation and those are as follows –

Profile creation on social sites: There are plenty social networking sites on the internet and the sign of a good management of reputation clearly mention creating social accounts on all these sites. Here are some of the names of the social sites:-

soical medial image for orm

Mere profile creation is not enough. It is the responsibility of that online marketing company to optimize all those profiles on a regular basis. Such daily activities will drag down the negative results (if there is any) from the search result pages and put up the best impact about your business. These profiles will attract more attention of the visitors and the search engines as well. Thus, if there is any negative feedback from the customers, that can be easily removed or pushed down on the SERP.

Creating videos and upload: There is hardly any better way of explaining business than videos. You can put up the best impact of your online business by posting relevant videos on various video profiles. This creates a very good impact on the customers provided, all those video profiles are optimized regularly. Here are some of the online social sites for posting your video: –

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Metacafe
  • Dailymotion etc.

Daily activities on these social video profiles will grab the attention of the search engines as well as the customers and will indeed help improving the online reputation.

Use of Video channel in ORM

Effective blogging: Now this is a very important aspect of successful online reputation management of any company. You need to create relevant and effective contents and then promote them on various blogging sites. This will fetch more visitors’ attention to the blogs and help moving the negative contents down on the result pages. Here are some of the effective blogging sites:-

Posting contents is not the end of the task. Regular optimization of those contents is very important. Aside from that, the blogs must be related to the profile and the page.

Blogging is the only way to represent someone or something

Here’s a glimpse on the effects of the online reputation management service

  1. i) It is seen that more than 86% adults have used search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) to have information about someone.
  2. ii) In the USA, more than 75% of the adults search their own name on the search engines and 48% amongst them have come out with negative results.

iii)Around one third of the US adults (31%) have looked up to a politician on the search engines and more than half of them have come up with comments of this has changed their voting decision.

  1. iv) 42% of the US adults have searched for someone on the internet before doing business and around half of them came to the decision of not doing business with them.

This is how the impact of online reputation. It can either make or break the deal for you. However, you can certainly achieve an improved reputation with the help of reputation management companies and to help them perform the task, you need to provide them some information and those are as follows:

Your name; Your physical address; Your phone number; Your educational background; Your work place and Your hobbies. All these details will only be used for promotional purposes and not for any personal use by the companies.