Responsive Design

I am not sure what kind of device you are using to read this article. You may be using a desktop or your laptop. Or you may be using your tablet or Smartphone. No matter what kind of device you are using, you always expect the best viewing experience from that device. But does this happen normally? Do the websites have the capability to fit in to your screen size? The answer is No. Then how some websites look perfect on all devices? Has it got something to do with the device? No absolutely not. Everything it has got to do is with the design known as Responsive Web Design.

With such a wide variety of devices including desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, the introduction of responsive web design was just a matter of time. And over the last couple of years it has been ruling the web world. And with the increasing number of mobile users the euphoria of this design was very much expected. Now almost all the web design companies are designing websites responsive today. And according to the statistics, the number of mobile internet users is set to increase by 16% compared to the year 2010. This clearly means that the number of mobile internet users will take over the overall number of desktop users.

mobile internet usage growth in last few years

What this design is all about? Though, if you are an online business owner and need the clarification about this design format, it is quite disappointing. But as it is said that ‘late is better than never’. Moreover, there are a number of normal people accessing the internet who may not be aware about this unprecedented design form. The key aspect of this design form is the flexibility of accessing internet from all kinds of devices. If you search any particular website from different kinds of devices chances, naturally you are likely to see different layout of that website. But if that site is responsive, you will get to see the exact layout from all devices. This obviously offers a great level of visual pleasure to the viewers.

What Google thinks of Responsive Design?

Why there is so much talking about this service in the present time? The reason behind this is a recent update made by Google. Known as ‘Mobilegeddon’, this updates makes it clear that the sites with responsive design (mobile-friendly websites) will be given priority for the mobile searches. This means if your website is not responsive there are chances that mobile internet users will not even get to see your website in the search results. Will that affect the desktop, laptop or tablet searches? According to Google, this update will only impact the search results of smart phones. Tablets or desktop results will not b affected from this update.

Google mobilegeddon update further specifies the importance of responsive web design

But, the incredible speed mobile internet users are increasing with, it makes all the sense to make your website responsive as early as possible. Or else you will have to choose to compromise with the large customer base of mobile phone users. This indeed is a detrimental factor for your website.

Round Up of the advantages of responsive design

Now, perhaps you have got the importance of a responsive website. Now let’s have a quick roundup of the advantages in briefs so that you can understand the true necessity of creating a responsive website.

  • Better future experience: Responsive web design works perfect for all kinds of devices that exist in the market in the present time. So this is always a safe bet for the business owners that this design will be more effective and considerable in the future as well.
  • Better and smarter user experience: Optimizing your website for the users irrespective of the device they use to visit your website is a perfect way of making their life much easier. And who doesn’t know that the more advantage you offer to your visitors or customers, more business you are likely to gain from them. This is a smart way of making your presence on the internet.
  • Cost effectiveness: Responsive websites may a take a bit long time to be designed completely but these sites survive for a much longer period. Management, support of upgrade of these websites is less time consuming and also very cost effective. This design offers the leverage of designing one URL for all kinds of devices.
  • SEO & Google-friendly: Optimizing websites for different devices like desktops, mobile may be confusing and also less result-oriented. This is why Google itself refers the responsive approach of any website and the latest Google update ‘Mobilegeddon’ is a result of that preference. This is for the modification of the search process of the mobile internet users.

There are a number of advantages of creating a responsive website but all these advantages result in only one thing that is substantial increase in the sales figures.

This is why Google itself refers the responsive approach of any website and the latest Google update ‘Mobilegeddon’ is a result of that preference.

Verify the responsiveness of your website

Now, a very common question arises in the picture among many website owners that is how to find out whether my website is responsive or not. There are millions of websites still on the internet which are not responsive. And many big names from different fields are also there. Websites which have been developed more than 5 years ago are likely to be non-responsive. And the best way to determine that is the responsive web design checker from Google.

Google tool to check responsive web design

This mobile-friendly checker has been quite popular in the present web world since this provides the opportunity to visualize the layout of any website from different devices. This is a great way of understanding how the visual elements of your website are responding to all devices.

Actions to take for non-responsive websites

Hopefully, you have checked your website by now. So, what is the result showing? If your website is responsive then it’s fine but if it’s not, you need to take some quick action right away. You need to hire a reputable web design company like us and redesign your website once with responsive approach. Responsive design Service is the future of web design service. Google itself is now emphasizing on responsive design. So, the quicker you get that, the better it is for your online business.