Internet marketing

Establishing business on the internet is the dream of almost every business owner in the present time. The advantages of bringing internet into action in the business are inexplicable. This is the most genuine and also the most inexpensive medium of promoting your business to thousands of visitors and audience across the world. But the process is not so easy that it sounds. Many business owners make their online presence without knowing even the basics of online business. You may rely on any other company to take your business off but it makes very little sense to be completely ignorant about this subject.

Doing business online may prove to be extremely advantageous but one should have sound concept of the internet marketing process. And also with this business owners need to know how to start things online. Proper knowledge about this process may help business owners to make thousands of dollars. While on the other hand, it will not take much time to wipe out equal amount of money from your pocket. You may think of hiring the best company for your assistance but even then having the basic knowledge will not let you down in any condition. In this article I shall cover the very beginning aspects of starting your online venture. Often it is seen that we talk so much about marketing, optimization and all other harder parts of online business but don’t know the very basics.

So, let’s get started!

Choose the niche

The very first thing you need to do is market research. I am quite sure that people are well-aware of keyword research but they are not really bothered about market research. If you are new in the online world and planning to open your business, you need to first do market research. But the most disappointing part is majority of the people come here without any market research. The first thing you need to ask yourself what kind of service I am going to offer on the internet. The next thing you need to look at is the market of your product. Imagine you are going to sell blue frogs made of ceramics; you need to consider the prospective market of this product.

Choose the niche

It goes beyond saying that the market of every service will not be equal. You should admit this fact. There are possibilities that the products you are going to offer encompass only a small part of the market. You need to know that in advance. An obvious question comes here is what do you want from your business? If you want to earn small income from your business, you probably would not find it difficult. But if you want to make your fortune out of your online venture, you should think of something else. This is why, it can be said that you need to be meticulous enough to decide your business field.

Keyword Research

One of the inseparable parts of online business is keywords. Without keywords you will hardly be able to make your business notice. While doing business online, you will certainly have a website with a particular domain name. People can search your website by just typing your domain name (like in the address bar. But this cannot happen since they are not aware of the presence of your website. All they do is search for a particular keyword say for your business this can be “blue frog” or “ceramic blue frogs” etc. And the companies that offer this product will appear in the search result. Now, the question is which company will appear in which positions? This is a complete matter of optimization.

keyword optimization

Hence, in the beginning you need to select keywords for your website. You can search what other companies, selling blue frogs are using as keywords. This will give you an idea of keywords that work in the market. The right placement of keyword is important in every page of your website, title tag and meta description. The concept should always be to match the phrases that visitors type in the search field.

Site Hosting

You probably have done so many things especially about the research over the past few weeks. Now it’s time to do something in the real world. Everything before this was related to research mostly. If you are done with your research, you now need to create your business website. This is a part that many people have no clear idea. The very first step of creating your website is to choose a domain name and for that you need to visit a hosting company. You can search for anything for your domain name and choose a particular one. Remember if it is related to your service or products, it would be more easy for the visitors to understand. After all, everything you are doing for the visitors.

Hosting a website

The next step is hosting. The proper concept of hosting may not be clear to many. In simple words this is basically the process that provides a specific address to any particular website or domain name to be specific. The company that host your website and the company you buy your domain name from should be the same. Though you can change your host I later time with the same domain name. Your website is created now you need to put a CMS platform on it. The best for the beginners is WordPress. This is one of the most popular open source CMS used by millions across the world. Once you install the platform in your website, it is ready to be launched. And you are ready to start your online business readily.

For the best hosting company, you can perform a search on the internet. There are a number of companies available and they offer different kinds of packages keeping in mind the various requirements of the customers.

The final website

SO, the final website is ready for the users. By adding up beautiful templates, you can provide professional looks to your website. With WordPress, your website may not look so professional but this can be considered as a good way of beginning your business. And the best part of this CMS is that with a little effort, you can learn the techniques of updating your website. You don’t need to offer any extra money to others. So, from here you can setup your own store and put your products up for sale. You can do blogging for the promotion of your website. This is a very good way of expressing your interest and expertise in the service you are offering.


Assume that you have written your post and the next thing you need to do is to post the blog and just forget everything else about that right? Wrong. You need to remember that your blog is one of the strongest platforms to let your visitors know about your service or products. You cannot afford to be casual with this aspect.

Blogging for internet marketing

The writing style of your blog has to be in a friendly manner. The construction of the sentences should be easy to understand, the information should be correct and there should not be any silly mistake like with the spellings or grammar. I can understand that mistakes can happen by anybody but you should be meticulous all the time about that.

While expressing your views through your blog, you need to keep some keywords in mind. And you should place them here and there in the post. Make sure that that keywords come naturally in the passage.

Legal protections

Now the final aspect, you are going to do business on the internet, you will have clients visit your website and also purchase from your site. Hence, you need to ensure the safety of your site. At any given point, you cannot afford to share your clients’ details by any means. You need to ensure the best security system for your website especially for the transaction system. You cannot allow anybody to get your clients information. The entire transaction process can be taken care of through the merchant account.

The matter of taxation should also be kept in mind. You are doing business online, so you are bound to pay the taxes to the government like a law abiding people. You need to hire a professional who can manage all these things properly. And if you are good in finance, you can think of managing things by yourself as well.

There are hundreds of other aspects of starting an online venture but explaining everything in this short span of time is really not possible. If you are planning to start up a viable online business, you would definitely like to keep these points in mind. How I really don’t know how these points can be advantageous to you but I am sure that this basic knowledge can save from lots of disadvantages. At least you will be able to guess where things are not going well.