Contents transmitted to the subscribers through email on a regular basis are what you receive from designing your site with email newsletter. The reason of its popularity in this age of Facebook and Twitter is its personalized feature. It appears more editorial rather than a simple commercial content that can be kept for long which is unlike the Facebook and Twitter. It is the easiest and more professional way to maintain contact with the existing customers and blog readers.

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Brandnetizen offers custom design for your newsletter templates. We design the best templates that are hard to take the eyes off from. It’s absolutely hassle free form the clients end to send email newsletter since you just have to fill up the blanks through your account on brandnetizen’s website then it’s our responsibility to design and format your newsletter templates. So there is no formatting or layout work for you to do and nor you have to know HTML or something. Visit the portfolio at our site to have clearer idea.

You will also get the facility to use Mailchimp at brandnetizen which is one of the popular email newsletter solutions. This allows you to send emails, manage subscribers, automatically create emails from your newest blog posts and target subscribers based on their actions. The prime attraction of Mailchimp that you can avail at Brandnetizen is the free service up to a certain limitations.

You can get your questions answered regarding service or payment by mailing us your particular queries at or you can opt for directly speak to our designers and developers on +16465132656 (USA) and +442035144236 (UK) these numbers.

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