The working agreement between Brandnetizen and the clients will be based on the following terms and conditions excluding all other clauses. Moreover, any change to the conditions will be effective unless that is agreed by both the party in a written manner.

The works will proceed as per confirmed in the Brandnetizen invoice which can easily be found as attached with the order confirmation email.

The payment for the web development and web designing of a website are charged at various stages of the work by Brandnetizen. Initially, before starting the work 50% of the total due payment needs to be cleared by the clients. After receiving the approval from you and the homepage is accomplished, we charge another 25% of the total amount and the final 25% is claimed by us when the website is entirely ready to go live. The initial deposited amount is non-refundable.

A nominal charge of 1.9% is charged by Brandnetizen for all the payments made by the clients with debit/credit card. It is charged due to the costs bring upon ourselves at the time of receiving the payment. Whereas payments through BACS and cheques incur no extra charges.

Until the final payment is received by the company, all the rights of design and codes of the website are owned by Brandnetizen.

Design is a subjective matter and varies person to person, this is why Brandnetizen offers you unlimited revision of the design which clearly says our employees will keep on working with you until you find the satisfactory design for your website. The revision comes to an end when the client consents with proposed design and home page draft. Changing the design beyond this point is chargeable.

Brandnetizen will provide an estimated time of completion of the project if requested by the client. We also provide client access of the project cycle documentation in order to ensure that the client is completely aware of his responsibilities of finishing the timely development.

OSS (Open Source Software) is software that is generally used by us to suit particular applications. This software may be used to develop and accelerate functionalities in client’s website. In spite of using Open Source Software the customization made by the developers are passed on to the client’s after making the final payment.

If requested by the clients a domain name will be registered by Brandnetizen on behalf of the client provide we have received the payment in full. Although the domain name will be registered in the name brandnetizen nevertheless, the legal owner of the site will be the client. And if it is requested by the client to change details or transfer the domain to somewhere else, it is done within adequate time.

The links and sources provided by us is our own customer’s and that is solely for the convenience of the prospective customers and it is assured that the links are current and accurate. Though it doesn’t depict a client site all the time.

A small text link is placed at the footer of our all client’s websites which clearly mention that the site is designed by Brandnetizen although that is replaceable.

N.B. Brandnetizen will never entertain any harassment of its employees from the customer end or third party end. The company reserves all the right to call off the contract without refunding the initial payment in case of inappropriate and unreasonable conduct. This includes threatening and using abusive language.

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